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donaldsneffe 07/08/2021
Very high quality full metal chassis. Does come with all gears, including 11 t metal pinion. Does come with nice beadlock rims, but no tires. Nice metal shocks, not oil filled. There is not any peace of plastic in the whole chassis, only some rubber o-rings for dampening links and a plastic disc inside each shock. Shocks are nice, but springs are way too hard. They are much harder than the hardest springs of SCX24 upgrade shocks wihich come with springs of several hardness type for tuning. Springs have to be changed if you wanna good dampening. This metal chassis is more or less an exact copy of a SCX24 Chevy chassis, including central transmission. Same wheelbase as Chevy and Betty, links "Chevy style", nice and metal, not high clearance. Good quality metal driveshafts. Unfortunately they simply copied the SCX24 and did not include "upgrades" what nearly all SCX24 owners make for tuning. Servo mount is too small for upgrade servos, and even too narrow for the most popular Emax upgrade servo. Motor mount plate does only come with 2 holes for screws, so it is not possible to mount a Barrage motor, you will have to drill holes or buy an upgrade plate with 4 holes. Also battery mount has the same stands, you will have to cut the right front stand to mount a Barrage motor. Battery mount is made out of metal, heavy and high up. Unfortunately they did not change this, no LCG battery mount, no "Barrage" mount possible without mods. If you wanna mount a Komodo or Surpass outrunner you will have to cut the electronics mount plate, which is necessary to keep the front shock mounts firmly in place. This chassis is "ready to go", you will need electronics, tires and a body, it is made for the SCX24 chevy body. Watch my review video in the video section.
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