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donaldsneffe 31/05/2023
This truck is awesome value for the money. It is the "Racent crawler", also written on the box, which was quite popular on Youtube early 2023. It is a SCX24 copy in many parts, but not in all. Hardbody is awesome. Lighs can be controlled by remote (on/off mainbeam by the button which is labelled "no function" in the manual). Strangely you have always to switch on truck first and then radio, other way (correct way) round it will not bind and show "warn blinking" (no connection). 2 2s batteries, nice, about 4V/cell. Turning radius is super poor, has to bee improved. All in all absolute worth the money, if you can live with the copyright thing and with some flaws in driving, which can be improved.
Komentarze (2)
  • BG203425121 Likethis little truck. Wondering how to improve steering angle though.

    Odpowiadać 15/06/2023
  • Pacostes seen your YouTube review about it, very nice 👍🏻

    Odpowiadać 08/11/2023
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