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Q: are the mounting holes 2mm or 3mm?

zapytał Hobbyboy na 2020-11-22 04:23:59

Chorog 2mm

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zapytał PDADDY53 na 2020-11-07 04:03:53

Hobbyboy The 4G has nothing to do with pairing these to your phone or any phone. As long as the BT are the same it should pair with the phone.

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Q: Can this flight controller be connected to 2 servos?

zapytał BG454032544 na 2020-11-03 06:39:25

Hobbyboy Yes, if your planning to use inav you need to select plane, or wing in the inputs menu. Inav with do the rest, dont forget to apply(load) mixes. If in Betaflight you must channel map in cli

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Hobbyboy The problem could be with the battery! have you charge the unit fully. If red light on top of camera is flashing then the unit is in a recording mode. If its solid it's on, you just need to follow the instructions as best you can, it becomes clear once you read it a few times. If the light on top is not solid red then it's the internal battery.

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Q: Is this receiver compatible with new XJT module firmware 2.1.0?

zapytał Schalonsus na 2020-11-01 02:11:27

Hobbyboy Yes! D16

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Q: Does he have a magnet to stick it to a refrigerator?

zapytał Gilad na 2019-07-11 07:28:01

Hobbyboy No! it uses double sided tape on the back mount half. Once on you just twist the front on and your done!

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Q: what battery upgrades are available?

zapytał Dominic na 2020-11-03 05:49:10

Hobbyboy The battery is sealed inside chassis. You would need to open it up and unsold the pack that's inside. Side not its fast with the pack in it, and works really well on carpet or outside, not so much are hardwood floors or tiles.

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Q: What is the weight

zapytał BG415357156 na 2020-10-08 04:53:54

Hobbyboy under 2oz weight

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Q: Is this RHCP or LHCP?

zapytał BG404649619 na 2020-10-25 03:24:50

Hobbyboy right hand cloverleaf style antenna

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