LightV1 Completely agree with your numbers myself, I have NW and it is 20% less lumens on my box.I will also say that this light is the first I've seen that has actually made the XHP70.2 with a SMO reflector actually perform the way it should, I have a number of big name brand lights that have tried to go with the XHP70.2 and a SMO and failed miserably, this lights reflector is spot on and a perfect combination for the XHP, nice throw and much more than what I really expected to see, great post pal..!

Terrywhite 08/10/2017
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LightV1 Use some rubbing compound or really 0000 steel wool, then polish or use Museum wax or a sealer to keep grim off and dirty hands, change the switch and see if it helps sometimes in mass produced drivers a bad flash happens but most the time it's the switch I have many like that, to lazy to change switch and don't buy lighted LED switch for A6, I am BLFer, NO sand paper or wet sand, you don't want to remove a lot of materiel from soft alum. Good Job Friend,

Jason 10/01/2017
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