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Terrywhite 08/10/2017
My results: I use my own lumen testing gear that has been calibrated and is continually updated and re-calibrated as needed. It is +/- 5% accuracy on the last 10 lights tested. Using 4 30q cells matched as close as I could for resistance and all were purchased in the last two months. Moonlight .17 lumen Low 232 lumen Mid1 619 lumen Mid2 1354 lumen High 2300 lumen Turbo 4515 lumen That turbo output is correct for the NW version of this light. I am actually kind of shocked as well as pleased. This is the first light in a long time that hit the numbers that close to what is claimed. I checked all levels twice and all are correct according to my equipment. My lumen tube has been calibrated using more known light sources now than I even keep up with so it is usually dead on and will tell on any company adding lumen. You can find my full review here
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  • LightV1 Completely agree with your numbers myself, I have NW and it is 20% less lumens on my box.I will also say that this light is the first I've seen that has actually made the XHP70.2 with a SMO reflector actually perform the way it should, I have a number of big name brand lights that have tried to go with the XHP70.2 and a SMO and failed miserably, this lights reflector is spot on and a perfect combination for the XHP, nice throw and much more than what I really expected to see, great post pal..!

    Odpowiadać 14/10/2017
  • Brann Decided to buy this flashlight based on your review... Thanks pal!

    Odpowiadać 17/10/2017
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