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3DFlyZone APC 6 x 6 prop , high C battery, more like 80c or preferably higher. If you plan to upgrade other parts, Sunny Sky 2216 2400kv motor works great too, and Emax 5g metal gear servos which fit perfect

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Q: will they fit the jlb j3 ????

zapytał jerald3rd77 na 2022-01-03 20:46:07

Runner NO, they are too small, hex doesn't fit, Jlb is 17mm, those are 12mm..

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m4trix Matek411wse or F722wpx flight Controller, longrange radiosystem like crossfire or express-lrs, tbs unify pro 5.8ghz vtx up to 800mW, foxeer stubby antenna for vtx

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m4trix Stock Parts of the pnp set are able to reach 200km per hour.

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The seller No,this battery is too large for jlb j3 speed car,you should buy 11.1v 4000-4500mah 30c lipo battery

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