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diego 2018-06-02 20:02:06
I have been looking for a good quality pair of Bluetooth earphones. I saw this, but I was a bit hesitant- I've ordered once before from this site, and though that product was very good value, the build quality wasn't so great. For that particular product, the build didn't matter so much, but it does for a pair of earphones. I decided to go for this as it was on deal, and it really has exceeded my expectations. Firstly, I chose the £2 delivery option instead of free delivery, the product arrived on the seventh day (including weekend). If indeed these products are shipped from China, that's a very fast delivery time to the UK for such a low price. The sound quality is similar to, if not better, than wired Sennheiser earphones that I used to have a while ago and had bought for about £25 (I bought this product for £30) - very impressive considering the additional set of features these earphones have: - Bluetooth (main reason I bought these) - 5+ hours of listening time (that just what I've tested so far, the other main reason I went for these earphones)) - noise cancelling (seal in ear) - active noise cancelling (can toggle on and off via a button) - haven't tested charging time, but apparently it's 2 hours. Very good in my view. - the box thing also acts as a clip, which is extremely useful. I've noticed free-hanging earphones tend to fall out as the only thing that's preventing them from falling is the friction between the (slippery) ear buds and your ear, the weight of the earphone speakers pulling them out of your ear. With this pair, you can use the clip, which will take most of the weight off and prevent them from falling out, even though the speakers are actually quite relatively heavy. - really great build quality. Looks the part, is the part. Anti-tangle wire for the two earphone speakers, and weaved wire material going to the box thing. Angled earphone speakers, which I thought was just a design gimmick at first, but then I realised it fits far more snugly in your outer ear, as opposed to sticking out perpendicularly. - not that I will use them, but apparently has a bunch of speaker functions (press a button to answer a call etc.) Really impressed, and I'm really glad I went for these whilst they were on deal on Bangood. You CAN find great quality and great value products from China, and these earphones are proof. Definitely going to order from here again.
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