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Q: can I connect either Power supply DC connection to Ground?

zapytał BG400541812 na 2022-11-20 01:58:35

Mikebeeny Yes, the outputs are floating, I use 2 power supplies in series to get a positive & negative output. I have removed the power supply earth to mains on the power in however to remove ground loops when testing amplifiers.

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Q: qual país ela foi fabricada ?

zapytał BG554152511 na 2022-06-29 12:45:36

Mikebeeny China of course.

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Mikebeeny You will need to zero the meter, probably on most clamp measurements. This is quite common. After you turn it on , it will have a random number on the display. Simply press the red button marked Z stoke F a couple of seconds till it bleeps and reads zero.

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