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The seller It is recommended that you follow the measurements and refer to the details page for measurements

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Q: Both covers are metal or only top?

zapytał tedskourtas na 2019-11-07 08:51:09

liangzhibo1 Botth are metal.

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ted Εξαιρετικό για τα λεφτά του απροβλγματιστο για browsing movies office παιχνίδια απλά οθόνη σούπερ όλο μετααλο λεπτο βάρος αρκετό ήχος μέτριος για 290 σούπερ

ted 04/12/2019
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Q: Is this all metal or only front cover?

zapytał tedskourtas na 2019-11-05 12:43:27

liangzhibo1 You can contact customer service about this issue, they will help you, please click "Contact Us" below.

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