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Q: what cam body / lense holder/ lens will fit this camera pcb?

zapytał louisvr45 na 2018-09-01 10:32:24

jmc007 The Foxeer Predator Micro does not fit either, very close though with the screw holes about a mm or two out.

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jmc007 What negative effects do you suppose from "too much flex"? Built mine last week and I have never flown a more stable, best butter, kwad.Stood up to being slamdunked full speed onto grass, not a scratch. Only damage so far was from a drop onto concrete. Doing some sketchy FPV on a building site I lost reception, whilst orbiting the roofs. Thank goodness it bounced off the tiles and onto the ground and did not get stuck on the four story roof. Damage was to one of the arm end motor protectors.

parmod 2017-08-20 15:11:58
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