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Q: is this available?

zapytał BG252111985 na 2022-07-29 05:45:23

Gypsywas yes, available at HK warehouse.

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Q: is this a deadcat frame?

zapytał BG252111985 na 2022-06-30 06:11:05

Delcadro yes.

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Q: can i use left and right arm to my nazgul5 v2? thanks

zapytał BG252111985 na 2022-04-26 05:44:10

Haven No, for Nazgula5 V2, buy this original replace Arm. ( Product ID: 1722964) Link:

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Q: can i use it to my tiny whoop nano goggles? thanks!

zapytał BG252111985 na 2020-10-21 08:49:56

superworm123 yeah should be fine

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Q: can i use happymodel mob6 fc on this? thanks

zapytał BG252111985 na 2021-12-01 04:22:23

BG112434473 Yes you can don’t listen to a plane guy

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Q: will it fit to my beta85x frame? thanks!

zapytał BG252111985 na 2021-02-27 12:47:24

nbtran1975 that would be a bad idea because the usb plug is on the side and not upward or downward. You better get a Betfpv 12A AiO v3 flight controller. they also have the 20A version. goodluck

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