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RevellFPV I found it extremely satisfying I could fly around my local park like a XM+ range id say didnt have any drop outs bt long range may suffer if not in LOS but flying around trees and such i didnt have a problem. buy a second frame also more the canopy tbh weakest point but overall was really impressed with this little diamond

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Q: Can this bind to Spektrum or DSMx receiver?

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Q: Does it have built-in DVR?

zapytał IndiaHobby na 2020-08-02 04:19:19

patmaherjfm The Ur85 dosnt. Its a really cool drone, I may fit a betafpv nano camera. The best advice I have is that you should tape up the motor wires, they catch on branches and get ripped out of the motors, only issue I've had :)

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