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Q: Ghis cam it is compatible with eachine ev100? thanks

zapytał Stefano91ste na 2020-12-10 10:04:24

Kidult Every 5.8Ghz Vtx (video transmitter) will be compatible with any 5.8Ghz Vrx (video receiver). All good with your EV100.

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Q: is this with osd

zapytał parmod na 2021-02-12 05:00:11

Stefano91ste Yes, you can connect the cam and then the vitx, by passing the video stream into the mamba and you will see the OSD on the fpv glasses

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Q: It says 30A / 25A.... Which is it?

zapytał Andrewjd24 na 2021-01-19 12:30:25

Stefano91ste Hi, I ordered from China (CN warehouse) and it is 30A

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Q: Hi, can I mount a Mamba F405 MINI MK2? Thanks

zapytał Stefano91ste na 2021-01-08 07:23:54

clay76 No, you can mount only 30x30 stacks

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Q: Can it be combined with Taranis Q-X7? Thanks

zapytał Stefano91ste na 2020-11-16 07:23:19

Bulltac With a frsky receiver like an xm+ you can bind it to a qx-7 but this drone is EXTREMELY outdated and of low quality for the price. i highly reccomend going with something newer. You wont pay more but you will get a faar superior piece of kit.

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