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Q: will this work with NodeMCU esp8266 ?

zapytał b.satheeshbabu na 2019-08-13 03:32:23

lmorelli THedatasheet shows it wil. JUst be sure to connect to a reliable power source.

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Q: can any of these 555 timers withstand 5MHz frequency?

zapytał BG151238531 na 2021-10-01 07:44:00

lmorelli Unfortunately,no. The datasheet shows that the NE555 becomes unreliable with frequencies over 500KHz.

2021-12-30 05:43:02 Pomocny (0)
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lmorelli Theknock (or "bump" ) is due to the power off-power on of the system. To avoid it you should isolate the amplifier from the power source.

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lmorelli The kit generates waveforms with a defined amplitude. You have to match the correct amplitude, frequency, waveform and impedance of your own transductor. The kit should easily reach 100 kHz, but the waveform tends to degrade above that frequency.

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