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Q: When will the White model be in stock? Thank you.

zapytał Sniper4you3 na 2020-09-17 02:42:08

The seller White color will be retocked on October.

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Sniper4you3 I just ordered this drone and have not yet received it. With that being said, I can't say if this drone will fly without the use of a 802.11a, 5G WIFI compatible cell phone. From my experience of 5 years, most drones will connect with the Remote Control (RC) without the use of a cell phone and you can fly the drone. The cell phone is normally used for something to see the video footage on. The reason for 5G WiFi is because of how far it can transmit the image (video) and not interfere with the RC signal. I can't necessarily speak for this new upgraded Eachine EX4 model just yet, but most all of the drones I own that use 5G or 4G WIFI don't require the phone to fly it. Just try to fly the drone without the controller, it might possibly work. I hope this helps.

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Q: will controller work with android ver 5 smart phone?

zapytał john na 2020-04-07 06:30:22

Sniper4you3 Yes but video will be slower and blurry due the slower video processor in the android ver 5

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Sniper4you3 This drone works by connecting the remote controller to your smart phone via a connection cable either micro USB to micro USB, iPhone firewire or USB-C and then to the drone. It's not connected via WiFi so you should able to connect any smartphone that reasonably new.

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