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BrunoCracco 24/07/2020
A very, very good microscope for an incredibly reasonable price tag. It came to France from Spain (ES warehouse on Banggood site) in only 4 working days (!) without any custom struggle! No “slow boat” effect on that one. The price is lower when purchased from Spain than from China. The very high weight of the base might be the main reason for that. The base is incredibly heavy (around 20kg for that part only!) which is a good sign for stability. When the arm is completely deployed, despite its huge weight, it is not enough and the base tilts. Not a big issue as I added a 2kg weight at its extremity and it is not tilting anymore. Maybe I will add two screws to secure it wen I will be sure of its placement on my bench. Mechanical build quality is very good, adjustments are very precise, mat beige paint is very well applied a seems resistant. Assembly was easy and took me less than 10 minutes. Now comes the most important thing when looking for a precision optical device: the optical quality is excellent. There is no chromatic aberration, no deformation, it is very bright and contrast is excellent… fantastic. Light ring is bright and adjustable, very well adapted to the binocular head. The 34MP camera Image quality is very good too. It is recognized by Windows 10 without any problem and immediately operational. Nonetheless, the image is downsized from 34 to 2K when sent to the screen (USB). I have not tried yet saving an image directly to a Micro SD Card that can be inserted in the camera. Maybe we can retrieve a 34MP image that way. The lag is ok, but it is making it not usable to do comfortable soldering from the camera view. Inspection through this method is ok. But hey, it is optical trinocular! It Is not meant to be used that way. Put your eyes on the eyepieces and it becomes a great experience. With the stereoscopic vison, soldering small SMD component becomes a real pleasure. In a word, it is a great purchase that I recommend to anyone who is dealing with SMD!
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