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PropsAndWheels 14/03/2021
This airplane has a wingspan of 1200mm (47 inch) and is made of EPO (expanded polyolefin) foam, which is an exceptionally smooth, crash-resistant, and light foam that is also very easy to repair. It is advertised as a 4-channel airplane (aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder), but I think it can easily be converted to a 5-channel airplane with flaps by cutting out the compressed outline around the flap sections and adding two more servos. This can definitely be a future project (if I will ever have time to get to it after all the RC aircraft I am planning to review in 2021). When I placed the order for this kit back in early December 2020, it was on sale for $49.99 and available from the U.S. warehouse of Banggood with free shipping. There were no build instructions in English that came with the kit or online. There was a video in Chinese showing how to build it (70 minutes long). So, I ended up making a detailed assembly video, also showing all the components that I used to complete this plane (you can watch these videos on my YouTube channel “Props & Wheels”). I did the maiden flight of this airplane on a cold and breezy day. Despite the high winds, it flew well and landed great. Later, I had a chance to fly this inexpensive but very nice Cessna 182 on a warmer and calmer day with even better results. I highly recommend this kit to any budget-minded intermediate RC pilot who likes to spend indoor time building airplanes and enjoys flying scale airplanes in a relaxed pace.
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PropsAndWheels Wings are EPS (expanded polystyrene, a.k.a. Styrofoam), not EPP (expanded polypropylene). EPP is a newer and more resilient foam than EPS. EPS brittle and breaks easily. I recommend covering at least the leading edge of the wing and the wing tips with tape to strengthen the wing, e.g. with duct tape or packaging tape.

Enrico1036 22/10/2020
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PropsAndWheels 30/07/2020
I purchased these JJRC mini drones on sale for a little over $14 plus shipping. I think they are great value; they feel of high manufacturing quality. The box is nicely printed with clear JJRC branding and pictures of the drones. The plastic material used in the drones and the controller feels smooth and solid, not cheap like toy grade. The instructions are well written and easy to follow. Two words of caution though, if you do not have prior experience flying quadcopters or helicopters: 1) I would not call these drones beginner drones, because they do not have beginner-friendly features such as automatic takeoff/landing, altitude hold, and drift control (such as a optical flow positioning sensor). So you will be modulating the throttle to take off, hover and land, which can be a daunting task for beginner pilots. You will be also correcting for the forward/backward, sideways and rotational drift via the control sticks and the trim buttons. 2) You cannot fly both drones at the same time using the single controller, because each drone has slightly different hover and trim settings, so they will not take off and hover at the same throttle setting. You can fly one first and then the other one. In any case, these would make great drones if you already have some drone flying experience and would like to build up your skills indoors, as well as outdoors in calm weather. For me, this nice two-drones-one-controller package is worth every penny I paid. If I can find one cheap, I am planning to order a second JJRC controller so my son and I can fly them together. I hope this review helps with you purchase decision. Happy shopping. Cheers!
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