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Q: Do the 50 masks come in a box or in a plastic bag?

zapytał BG511515431 na 2020-07-16 11:56:59

Rick_b In a plastic bag in a box. The box was in rags though.

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Q: Can I use this for Raspberry Pi 4B power supply port?

zapytał en14503092 na 2020-03-07 10:08:55

Rick_b Of course you can. It's USB 3.0 C. Raspberry Pi 4B takes 3A.5 volt x 3 amp = 15 watt, should be no problem at all for any converter. Make sure the power supply you use is at least 3A / 15W and has a Micro USB connector.

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Rick_b No you can't. It's not a dynamic display, it's pretty fixed. Using my phones torch I could see all the lcd digit possibilities. The C is just a C, there is no F possibility in there.

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Q: how long does it update status ?

zapytał TonyTeo na 2019-12-25 08:13:32

Rick_b @blagaila Through "zigbee2mqqt --> Mosquitto --> domoticz-zigbee2mqtt-plugin --> Domoticz --> Domoticz-Google-Assistant" it works fine with Google Home. It's quite a technical story though.

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