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djearthquake It's connections are as a standard 24 pin e-ATX contact. Don't try to solder and for example bypassing something on the board. Try another power supply If you don't have it try to see if a friend have one. If that don't work i would say that something is wrong with the PCB or some soldering on the PCB. Then you have enough proof to claim a refund. But your power supply may be of a odd kind. And if it works with another power supply. Then send the Dell supply you have to the melter right away so that you don't connect it on a Mobo for example and shorten it. Ohh and check all the fuses on the XH-M229 so that they are intact and are in place :)

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Q: are the LEDs able to be individually controlled? example, r-r-b-g-w?

zapytał LostWitness na 2020-11-15 07:00:58

djearthquake No they can't be controlled induvidually. The seller have done as all other seems to do. Place pictures of another type of led strip. These strips are only equiped with singel color chips. So you can't get any W at all out of them. Not even the artificial white. I wouldn't personally even hang them in my X-mas tree. But maybe those who sell the stripes and for no doubt att all. maybe should be placed hanging in the X-mas tree. If you should do any advertising of a product as false as atleast the head picture are here. Customers would have the fully right to their money back. And if they had wanted even drag it to the court. There I can't see any way that the customer would have been granted any reasonable amount of money. that i have hard to think it would go over 20$ that they would have been granted from the court. BUT regarding the seller... For him the 20$ in fee would been a fraction of the cost of what he would had have to pay. As he should be forced to pay a couple of 100 000$ for all the court fees. I really hope that those who marketing their products like this. would stop doing it. And i actually think that those who have ordered this product in the believe that it was lighting up in another way. For real shall demand a repay. As i can't see anything that talk to the defence of the imbecile seller who lie in the marketing of his-her things.

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