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James Barry The flight controller comes with some cables for your reciever, you will need to solder your reciever onto those cables and then it is simply a case of plugging in the receiver to the flight controller

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Q: fpv or vtx support???

zapytał Priyanshurock na 2017-12-10 04:51:17

James Barry You can only record video to SD card. You cannot hook this up to a VTx for fpv.

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James Barry The resin is 405nm UV cure resin. Any brand will work, just needs to be 405nm. You may need to tweak your settings and exposure times to get the best out of it.

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Q: Are you able to purchase additional FEP film?

zapytał James Barry na 2018-07-03 10:44:10

Chitarrone i have asked before, they will put it on sale ASAP

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James Barry 2018-04-06 09:05:37
It is very light, and feels a little flimsy - but when you are flying a drone that is under 35g total weight (tiny whoop class) you really can't have too much reinforcing. The drone itself is of sufficient build quality, the motor housing was a little loose (I found that the motors were about 5mm lifted out of their housing after a few mins of flight). The camera module is free-floating, held in with 2 screws, so you can set the angle to your liking. I like this feature, but I don't yet know how it will handle over time/with crashes. I can't move it when tightened by prodding it - so I'm optimistic it will weather well. I can't comment on the VTX yet, as my D2 Pro's haven't arrived, but, the drone is good fun to fly LOS. I have the advanced kit. No idea why they supply you with the USB charger as well as the 6-way charger. I've not used the single cell charger, so I can't be certain if it's any good. The 6-way charger is OK. It seems to over-charge the batteries, so I wouldn't recommend leaving it unattended or running overnight. Batteries don't take long to charge in any case. It definitely does what is needed, but the connector placement is a little careless, and it's not always easy to plug in each battery, sometimes the cell hits against the larger charging port - and I had to clip off a small part of the chasis to actually insert a cell into bay 5. I will definitely be replacing this with a better charger. Bonus points for including loads of screws, I was thinking it would probably be the case that I would have 1 set of screws I'd need to remove from the pre-assembled drone to use any of the other chasis. The little screwdriver is great, but the prop-tool is next to useless. It isn't strong enough to actually get the props off the motors. I use a "spanner-slotted" security screwdriver bit instead, much better. Overally - very happy, and I'm sure I'll get plenty of hours enjoyment out of it!
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