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Tycbka now I swapped all this stuff to 3 inch frame with 1202.5 motors. On 450 1s battery it flies like it never did before, feels like 5 inch but much lighter. if interested google kabab fpv or 1s toothpick. but not for home anymore

Tycbka 17/01/2021
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Q: Can i use the eachine e010 props for this motor

zapytał Skidaddle Skidoodle na 2020-04-25 07:05:47

Tycbka These are 6x15mm motors, but on e016 motors are 7x16. Incompatible

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Q: can be used with eachine e010? thx

zapytał Tycbka na 2020-03-15 01:31:32

tweb I have both the e010 and these packs! Short answer, no! Batteries are too long and even if you modify the frame, can't fit the lead into the plug. Stay with the similar battery, think you can still order 6 with a charger for relatively cheap! They work well! Have fun!

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