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Q: Will the ufl LHCP version of this antenna fit my cinelog 35 hd?

zapytał paddyo68 na 2022-11-02 02:20:15

DANIEL BIRD can't tell you for certain cos I don't own a cinelog, but lhcp will work with lhcp rhcp to rhcp. You might know that but whichever antenna direction you have on quad use same for goggles. Also I found the antenna plastic stalk to be too long. I scored it carefully with a sharp knife and snapped it and removed it without damaging the wire inside.

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DANIEL BIRD That is what manufacturers refer to as plug and play. Plug in the receiver of choice, (bind with transmitter) , play.

mardv14 26/02/2022
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Q: Propeller really 13x7 inch?

zapytał DerJo na 2019-10-16 07:54:14

DANIEL BIRD On the prop is printed 130x70. I think that's millimeters. In inches roughly 5.1inchx2.7inch. So to put in drone prop context 5.1x2.7 2blade prop, I think, certainly not 7inch.

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