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borschelrh 18/11/2021
The product is well constructed and the display is easy to read. The app is fairly useless and doesn't download data well if at all. For a quick check on current readings, it is fine. If you want to use this weather station to connect to external weather systems such as Weather Underground or use it to feed data to a lawn watering system (as I want to do) it simply is not set up to do that at all. To be fair, it never claimed to have this function. It would be relatively simple to add this feature to the wifi panel as the wifi function is there and not on the outside base unit which broadcasts on 433Mhz. That said I have ordered a 433Mhz receiver to connect to a Raspberry Pi to read the data and will use Home Assistant to record the data and connect to external systems. Most systems these days have built-in compatibility to weather underground so not having this is a problem. It also has functions to receive data from two other sensors (possibly 3 but I can't see how you can figure that out) but this is not described at all as what is compatible. I am assuming the Blitzwolf temp/humidity 433 Mhz devices are compatible but this is a large assumption and these devices don't state compatibility at all either. It is also unknown how the actual manufacturer is for these devices which would go a long way to making this easier to use so the actual data protocol can be determined without having to hack the data. It isn't a huge problem and represents an opportunity to learn data analysis of 433Mhz devices if you are into that kind of thing.
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