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Q: Does it come with an American style charger

zapytał B.wildgoose na 2019-11-24 10:34:48

llmakeithot itcame with a USB charger but no power supply so you will need to plug it into a USB power source like a cell phone charger.

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Q: Will the charger work on 120v wall power

zapytał B.wildgoose na 2019-12-05 06:27:20

Parageden_345 The usb cable can work on 120v power,the eu charger do not work

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Q: Is an 120V going to work with the charger

zapytał B.wildgoose na 2019-12-04 03:26:12

Odontist Hi,the usb cable can work with 120v plug,the EU charger cannot

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