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pfeerick I've not used this transmitter personally, but since this version of the module supports setting the protocol via the rotary switch on the back when used with PPM only transmitters, and the FS-ST8 does appear to support PPM for the external RF module, it should work. However, it would be better to get confirmation from someone with a FS-ST8 and IRX4 Plus MPM.

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Madav65 No, it won't work with either, it's not afhds2a or the older sfhds protocol.

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Madav65 Its just aileron and elevator, bank n yank !! Actually flies fine like this but you could add a small rudder servo and couple the rudders with a rod if you wanted to have a rudder.

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Q: Cuál es el tiempo de vuelo de este avión ?

zapytał BG185538341 na 2022-08-27 11:54:04

Madav65 It depends on what battery you fit. Around 5 minutes with the recommended battery.

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Q: se le puede poner base para go pro?

zapytał BG171838575 na 2022-09-10 08:50:14

Madav65 No its a bit too small.

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Q: Cuando enviarán el pedido?

zapytał BG573754505 na 2020-02-19 11:57:05

Madav65 Probably waiting for stock arrival

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