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unboxingarmyshow 2019-08-15 15:29:48
Don't mistake this drone for the original MAVIC PRO, but for the price it's a great drone to start off and learn on as it doesn't break easy when you crash. The joystick and the drone may look alike but do not share a lot of the functions. This drone records at 720p on a 2MB camera and it does provide a live feed to your phone with a tiny lag. It also records the footage on a 32 Gig SD card slot that you insert under the drone. There is no GPS on this so it will not have follow me modes or any of the advanced Mavic features. It's good as a kids toy but not for recording cinematic shots. Think of it as a crappy cell phone recording.The gimble camera has manual adjustment, but there is no panning, there is only a 25% camer tilt. With that said, for selfies this is perfect. It is very stable for a little drone and holds position very good. This one includes the 3d rolling effects and has a return to home function as well however I have not been able to get this feature to work. It also has emergency landing feature. The battery only lasts about 11 minutes on a full charge, so i recommend you purchase at least 5 extras (search B07CH3M7G4 or B07CHCCWXX they are about $15 each). If you crash, you can also buy E58 propellers, search for them. The joystick controller does work, so you can fly the drone as a standalone without the phone or with the phone, but phone works better. It flies perfectly and is very fast. The Android and IPHONE app is called JY UFO, make sure you get this going. To change what speed you are flying at, Of the 4 switches on the front of the remote controller ... the right side has 360 Roll, and Speed Switch. Default speed is LOW. Pressing the speed switch will change the speed to MEDIUM, and you'll hear 2 beeps. Pressing the switch again will change to HIGH speed, and you'll hear 3 beeps. One more press will return to LOW speed, and you'll hear one beep. The speed switches will cycle LOW, MED, HIGH to select your desired speed.
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unboxingarmyshow You should contact them asap after you spot the problem with the mic not working to get an exchange. If you're out of your warranty period or exchange period, any external microphone will work, you can pick up any lapel mic for $10.

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Q: How many mega pixel

zapytał kerala viralz na 2019-06-03 09:54:46

unboxingarmyshow At this price point you cannot expect to have true 4K resolution. I don't know how they can get away with listing it as 4K.

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Q: is they not come to india why please reply me

zapytał ap0240801 na 2019-08-11 05:52:13

unboxingarmyshow Unfortunatelywe do not ship to india at this time.

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