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Q: Will fitting these parts invalidate the radio's standard warranty?

zapytał humanseeing na 2021-01-17 12:03:38

Tbone6966 Anytime you open the radio up, your warranty goes out the door... Yes it will but it's not hard to do and does look fantastic.

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Q: does it provides altitude hold and lother.

zapytał rajagan2002 na 2019-08-30 12:52:22

Tbone6966 Altitude hold is if you have Inav, not betaflight.

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Q: I can use a 4S 850mAh lipo?

zapytał juanjo25.escoba na 2020-01-03 12:20:52

Tbone6966 850 mAh is way low, 8 use a 2200mAh 5s and get 15 minutes easy flight time. You can use 850mAh but your flight time will be very short

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Tbone6966 I'm using a yawaa power 2200 mAh 5s and I'm getting close to 15 minutes no problem.

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Q: Does the included VTX support Smart audio / Tramp?

zapytał Ewiles18 na 2020-12-31 12:19:05

Tbone6966 Yes, it is possible by adding 1 wire to an open uart TX. There's several YouTube videos on how to... If your new to the tyro 129, it's a great choice.. Its a nice drone..

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Tbone6966 I have the trashcan myself and had really bad cut outs while flying and the noodle stock antenna is garbage. I experimented with a few different ones and found the Iflight mini UFL antenna solved all my issues for around $10.00... I would guess it would help if not solve your issue too. If it's just that drone doing it than I'd definitely try it out. Best of luck!

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Q: Does this fit the mobula 7 v2?

zapytał BG141644223 na 2020-11-23 11:03:19

Tbone6966 No, it's going to be too small... One is for 65mm the other is 75mm

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