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BG571055535 2018-04-29 22:59:14
I have to say that I have a few products from Blitzwolf and they continue to amaze me at the value for the price you pay. This was another very pleasant surprise. Let's talk about what I like about it and what could be improved. First, I love how much it fills the room. Most soundbars in this price range stick a few small full range speakers in the soundbar, which sound pretty good when directly in front of it, but that is about it. Blitzwolf, actually did something different than most manufacturers. Not only did they stick the normal front firing full range speakers, but the also added some to the top of the soundbar. What this does, is actually bounce sound off your ceiling as well, which ends up filling the whole room with sound. This is a very pleasant surprise, as it feels as if there are many more speakers in the room. Since I already pointed out they have good quality, I should mention they ave a great attention to detail as well. Instead of giving you just a cheap plastic remote that They gave you a remote that is wrapped in some very smooth material (almost feels silky). And even though, this doesn't affect the sound quality, it is nice that they include small details like that, that really add to the enjoyment of the system. For once, I actually look forward to picking up the remote to turn up or down the volume :) Finally, they added HDMI with an audio return channel (arc). That is something that really is must need in today's sound bars and is nice that the included it. You usually don't find that included in this price range. As far as things to be aware of. It has no display at all. So you do not know what volume level you are at or the input you are on. Luckily, the remote has very clear buttons, one for each input. Also if you change the EQ, a voice tells you what EQ you are on. This can be a little annoying. However, if this is how they brought down the price, I can live with that. Another thing to know, is it really doesn't have any low bass. The speaker does have a few passive radiators which help accentuate the low end of the drivers used in the unit, but it in no way would be confused with a subwoofer. However, in this price range, I can see why a subwoofer was not included. But the low end could definitely be improved. It would be nice if they had a subwoofer output, that way you could easily add one if you want.
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