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BG740471423 The camera does not play the video when I connect it to my computer. It freezes. The video is stuck. An error appears in the program. 0x80070017The card works in another such camera. I bought this recently and not in this. What could be the reason?

BG740471423 15/12/2021
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BG740471423 This is the 2nd camera I ordered. But there is a problem with that. When I connect it to my computer, it doesn't play the video. It gets stuck. Error code: 0x70080017 this is printed by the windows tv player. What could be the cause of the error? In another camera, the memory card works perfectly.

BG740471423 26/04/2022
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The seller Hello, it is recommended that you send your questions and related videos to banggood's after-sales customer service, and they will solve the problem for you as soon as possible. Hope to help you!

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