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2020-11-06 06:39:25 Pomocny (0)
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obemech Has anyone tried it? Can we flash it with the car or boat version. I'm going to do speed runs, so reverse can be worked around. But, yeah. Getting reverse to work would be great!

2020-10-11 07:40:44 Pomocny (0)
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Q: how to connect the 6 channel receiver???

zapytał BG249181516 na 2020-07-04 07:32:44

obemech You place the connection from item to be controlled into number "6" on the receiver. Then the control marked "6" on the transmitter will control it. Try with servo to test.

2020-10-09 09:35:51 Pomocny (0)
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obemech I would think you would need a 1000amp esc to handle a 45kv motor. Is that motor the size of a watermelon?

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Q: Which esc is required

zapytał Cubeandlube na 2019-06-09 02:15:23

obemech 25a or 35a. 35a will let you run 3s.

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Q: Which esc is recommended

zapytał Cubeandlube na 2019-06-09 02:16:18

obemech 25a is fine, but you can't run 3s unless you use the 35a

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