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Q: works it for eachine ev100 too?

zapytał silverwolf na 2020-08-02 05:47:00

ldelmuro it must, EV100 battery is 2s output 7.4 v it must work.

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Q: does this frame fit runcam split or caddx turtle cameras?

zapytał Ant0003 na 2019-06-07 12:07:58

ldelmuro I just install the caddx turtle V2. But I have to modify the front standups so it can fit between them. but I fits fine.

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ldelmuro Hola,viene con los anillos protectores de las propellas? por que en la descripcin dice que no losincluye? saludos.

fran perea 13/06/2019
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Q: Does it comes with the protection rings included?

zapytał ldelmuro na 2019-06-24 10:52:09

Samchan The protection rings are included.

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