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Q: Does flash work from Linux USB-C? Is Windows required?

zapytał klotz na 2022-05-19 08:13:22

BG203259171 works great to flash it on all three major OS families.

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BG203259171 Theproblem, as shown by the answers given, is that the T-Display and T-Display-GD32 are different boards with different processors. THIS board uses the GD32V, which is a RISC-V version of the famed STM32F devices. Even the register names and memory layout are similar to STM32, but still different than the ESP32 mentioned below. Chitarrone's answering for the ESP32-based T-DIsplay. ESP32 has about 500KB of RAM and run MicroPython. The RISC_V based GD32V used in T-Display-GD32 (this board) and the Longan Nano has either 20KB or (more commonly) 32KB and is too small to run even micropython. There's a ton of online doc these days about programming the GD32V used on this board. Look into the tags on Github. Available RTOS include FreeRTOS, RT-Thread, UCOS, Tencent, and more.. It's a small part. In 32K, you're just not going to boot a (recognizable) Linux kernel, but lots of the embedded-class OSes and tools work just fine.

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BG203259171 Axellois trying to be helpful, but he may have the wrong board. This is easy because Seed Studio has lots of confusing names. I think there is another board from Seed that has a BW screen and an ARM core, but it's not the Longan Nano. Tuupola's answer is correct. The LongNano does indeed have the same GD32V processor as the GD32V version of TTGO. This board has a better display (more pixels), but both the named boards are indeed color. Schematics and blueprints for both are available if you really want to dig in. Source: I develop with both boards.

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Q: Is there a limit to what SD card it can use?

zapytał cdebey na 2020-11-05 05:57:05

BG203259171 Probablyany limit would come from whatever software you create or choose to use. I'm running 32GB cards in mine.

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