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omgwtfbbq 04/04/2022
What a nice little bluetooth speaker! I was pleasently surprised listening to this speaker because despite its size the music quality is very good, with a good extension to the lower frequencies. Also volume is more than adequate for and indoor medium sized room, but asking too much results in a bit of distorsion and noise. It has 3 presets: normal, surround and subwoofer. The difference is not astounding but very noticeable. The manufacturer claims that it's dust and water proof. Surely the dust is not a problem for this device because there are no seams around the buttons and it has a rubber cap on the back ports, but I wouldn't put it to the test for the water proof part. Pros: - very compact - very good sound reproduction - can connect to the phone and act as hands free call device: it suspends the music if a call arrives and using the buttons you can refuse, accept and end the call - dust proof - rubbery finish pleasant to the touch - long playing time - can be used in pairs (not tested) - can interact with digital assistence tools (Alexa, Google) Cons: - normally this rubbery finish will fade over time and become sticky over the years; too soon to see it not, but if that's the case it can be cleaned off using alcohol - quite heavy for its size (but it can be considered a sign of quality because batteries are heavy and so are the transducers) - a littel pricey compared with products of the same size, but again quality is there and is well worth the price (moreso when there is a promotion or you have coupon/discount/allowance) The ideal use of this speaker is when you need a capable source of music in a indoor situation or when size and portability matters in outdoor scenarios. A final note on the packaging: the manufacturer took care of using protective material inside the cardboard box, so this product can whitstand the usual demanding Banggood packaging, or lack thereof.
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omgwtfbbq yes, the music will be put on pause during the call and resumes after the call ends

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omgwtfbbq yes, you can also use the buttons on the speaker to answer, refuse and end calls

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Q: what type of antenna does it require SMA male, or RP-SMA male?

zapytał BG148612749 na 2020-07-19 08:57:44

omgwtfbbq The goggles have rp-sma female, the antennas have rp-sma male

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omgwtfbbq 23/04/2021
It seems very similar to the Proboat Jetjam. I ordered one with red graphics but received a white, blank boat and 2 sets of stickers of both red and blue versions. I think you will receive the same package regardless if you chose either of the 2. All the informations in the item description are correct. Throttle and steering are proportional. The "3 speed mode" is a controlled via a push button on the transmitter and acts as an end point adjustment for the throttle command. This means that even in "low speed mode" the throttle remains proportional through the full travel of the trigger. The "reset" (sic!) command is also a push button and it's used to activate the self-righting process. It simply sends ad infinite sequence of full-forward/full-backward commands to the boat. The sequence can be stopped by pushing the same button again. You can do the same also without using this button because the boat can also go in reverse. I didn't try the low-battery alarm and the "too far" alarm. I also still can't try this boat on water so I cannot say anything regarding the claimed top speed and/or maneuverability. Inside the boat there is a combined receiver/esc unit that has a on/off button. The servo is a 3-wires micro servo so it can be replaced, but you have to disasseble the hull. The 2 halves of the hull are fixed with screws and an adequate amount of silicone. The nozzle is also fixed with screws and silicone, while the intake seems to be held in place with silicone only. The boat can be completely disassembled in non destructive way, provided you have the patience to remove the silicone and reapply it while assmbling it again. Regarding shipping and handling I sadly must say that Banggood is still using the usual thrash bag as shipping protection, so protection is close to 0. My package arrived very quickly and almost intact however, so I must be grateful to the shipping company for that.
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Q: battery compartment size, measurments ?

zapytał charlie na 2017-11-24 07:44:01

omgwtfbbq 88mm length, 38mm wide, 20mm tall; the battery can be slightly taller if secured with the provided Velcro strap

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