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Q: does not pair with sonoff bridge please help.

zapytał roberto2155 na 2020-03-28 06:37:50

PeBe It works great. In the EWELINK application where you have RF BRIDGE, click on RF BRIDGE and then click ADD remote, then ALARM and confirm, then on the newly created remote hold your finger for at least 5 seconds on the bell mark (you will hear the sound). RF BRIDGE will wait a minute to add a SMOKE DETECTOR. In a minute you have to you press the TEST button on the smoke detector. (you will hear the sound again, the pairing sound). Then the connection is complete :)

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Q: Is it normal for the green light to flash every 40 seconds?

zapytał roberto2155 na 2020-04-29 04:27:03

PeBe I don't think it's normal. Mine doesn't do it, but it also doesn't work well for me, as it can't trigger an alarm when it's in smoke. I wouldn't buy it anymore. I wrote a complaint but no one of course.

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