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greatbigste123 On further inspection I am missing all of the suspension links ! Unfortunately I cannot build it and the links are of an unusual length and hard to obtain. Reported the problem a week ago but still no solution ?! If you purchase this item please check all the contents immediately ! You have been warned.

greatbigste123 24/06/2022
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greatbigste123 Hold function key down and press Esc key twice.

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Q: what color wire to positive

zapytał Jonosouth na 2022-06-10 07:09:53

greatbigste123 Yellow is positive blue is negative, however it does not really matter as it depends which direction you want your motor to spin. Some transmitters do not like to have the throttle channel reversed so it is easier to swap the blue and yellow wires ! In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter.

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greatbigste123 Yes, the monitor holder is included with the set and is reasonably secure. The hardware version 2 has been in use for quite a while now and is compatible with most all flysky receiver’s. The internal antenna’s are horizontal and vertical so range is not a problem, there is no point in messing around with these.

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Q: Will this work for WPL B36 and MN 99 models?

zapytał BG141114154 na 2022-05-05 04:49:47

greatbigste123 If these two models only require 2 proportional channels and 2 switched channels, then it will be fine.

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Q: Hi, Is this compatible with Ulefone armor 9 thermal phone?

zapytał BG133232253 na 2022-04-27 06:19:43

greatbigste123 If your ulefone supports wireless charging, then yes it does.

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