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AggelikiVourtsi πήρα και εγώ ένα 4000. δεν κάνει για σουκο πριζα; θέλει ανταπτορα;

SiderisManolis 30/06/2022
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Q: Where does one get the operating software (Laser GRBL, etc.)

zapytał Gryphon na 2020-09-22 10:25:27

AggelikiVourtsi all free programs are OK but if you want to make a difference buy or use for free trial Lightburn . it is the perfect program for laser engraver

2021-05-24 02:49:09 Pomocny (0)
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AggelikiVourtsi The Grbl software opens only gcode files. Make sure your files are gcode files. Otherwise you can generate gcode from your svg files by using easel. Its an online program. Easy to use and free. Needs only to log in or register

2021-02-19 03:35:02 Pomocny (0)
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Q: is this is okey to use in welding?

zapytał BG221164924 na 2021-01-23 10:06:54

Aggeliki Vourtsi NO WAY!!!!

2021-01-23 11:29:06 Pomocny (1)
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Aggeliki Vourtsi you can find a user manual and a table with suggestions of settings for cutting and engraving in the official page of atomstack. there are also links for downloading the softwares lasergrbl and lightburn

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