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Q: RTF version is ready to fly?

zapytał griggiodaniele na 2020-11-30 12:00:39

Lauland Yes but you have to choose the( RTF) Model or it will send the one it is on .Make sure you choose the Model you want.

2020-12-23 09:59:36 Pomocny (1)
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Lauland This Model RTF Version (WILL NOT HAVE GPS FLIGHT). You will need to Purchase The Silver Color Helicopter With GPS. Search JCZK 300C 470L DFC 6CH Scale RC Helicopter RTF One-key Return GPS Hover Mode.

2021-01-13 05:58:21 Pomocny (0)
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griggiodaniele Thank you very much for your information on the 2 colors, it is very useful. In the description it is not very clear they should replace regular with red and smart with silver or change the image according to the choice made. Thanks again you are the first to explain it.

Fabrice Eyraud 23/09/2020
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