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kostasflam Generally, I think these buttons only work with Bluetooth. This is the case with another BT headset I own. Also, the touch play or pause has only worked with Android for me.

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Q: posso conectar ele em uma tv ?

zapytał BG202184344 na 2020-10-03 03:07:20

kostasflam Maybe you can connect them, if the TV has Bluetooth capability. It depends on the TV of course.

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kostasflam Normally yes. It has worked with every device I've tried it,so I suppose it will work on a car usb, I just haven't tried it on my car.

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Q: do they have volume control?

zapytał Scooterfarl na 2020-06-01 12:39:14

kostasflam No, they don't (at least I haven't found it, if there is one...). I control the volume from my smartphone.

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Q: Que tipo de envio es"envio express"? Es con mi correo nacional?

zapytał Max Esteban Pineda Tello na 2020-04-11 08:21:08

kostasflam si vive en Europa, entonces usted debe elegir "línea prioritaria de la UE". "Envío expres" es a través de una empresa de mensajería. Si elige esta opción, tendrá que pagar impuestos! (From google translate). If you live in Europe, then you should choose "EU Priority Line". "Express shipping" is via a courier company. If you choose this, you will pay taxes!

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