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Argyz I do not know, I have the same issue

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Q: Does it have bluetooth calling function?

zapytał Leon94 na 2021-05-20 04:58:32

ivasileiou No, you cannot receive and answer calls with this smartwatch, because it does not have a mic. You can just receive notifications about incoming calls, messages, etc. but not answer them through the watch.

2021-05-20 05:49:45 Pomocny (2)
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mrbufferng Ifyou save to SD card, you won't be able to see it. Thanks to Video0 the worst app ever made.

2021-05-14 12:09:47 Pomocny (2)
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Q: what's the capacity of micro card can you put on it? 16? 32? 64?

zapytał shadow_weaver na 2020-10-07 02:48:56

Leon94 Hi xcomseller I formatted the sd card as exFat and it is recognized now but how can photos are saving to my mobile ans not to sd there way to switch the location?

2021-04-29 12:25:30 Pomocny (1)
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