Bozic_pepsi When the wireless headset is connected, the charger charges it but does not show anything on the display. 2. when tablet plugged in the display shows a charge of 0.9-1.0A and flashes a red overload indicator on the display. After about 1 minute the display turns off. so I\'m wondering if this is the normal behavior of the charger and how only one device can display overload. https://youtu.be/ocvjamsirXo

Bozic_pepsi 14/01/2022
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Bozic_pepsi @ mikrofon je odličan, Sve super radi, vrlo je osjetljiv. Nosač bi mogao biti malo bolje kvalitete jer kod pomicanja čuje se škripanje i nekako je tanak ali mikrofon radi super. Potrebno mu je 48V napajenje da bi radio. Svakako ga poreporučam

Bozic_pepsi 12/04/2021
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Bozic_pepsi I finally took some time to describe this product. It's been three months since I used the Creality protective case for a 3d printer. I placed my 3d printer artillery genius in it.1. The package arrived very soon after ordering, it was excellently packaged and protected. I was surprised at how big the box was when it came together. All the assembly parts were neatly packed with labels so it only took a few minutes to assemble. 2. The material from which the box is made is very hard, aluminum protection is placed on the inside, which creates an excellent temperature barrier and is very easy to clean from the fine dust that is created during printing. 3. The front side opens upwards and gives very great access to the 3D printer itself. There is one side opening and one opening at the top that opens with Velcro fasteners. On the right side is a compartment in which all the necessary hand tools and accessories for a 3d printer can be placed. There is a small cable hole on the back so the power supply and wires are very easy to run and connect — the hole can be tightened around the cable with a tie that is built into the material itself.The only complaint I found but not so big and important is the front window. The transparent plastic from which the opening is made to be seen in the box is still slightly furrowed after three months) wrinkled = as it was folded in the box during packaging, I could not flatten it so the view of the printer itself is a little difficult. Some kind of lighting should definitely be installed in the box, because it is quite dark when everything is closed. Smells and dust from printing stays great inside the box and this was most important to me because the printer is in a small space which if there is no protection becomes uncomfortable and irritates the dust if it is not in the box. The Creality box does it great. The temperature inside the box is stable and the prints turn out much better. No more unexpected edge rises on the first layer o

Bozic_pepsi 06/09/2021
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