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Q: can we track distance too with this watch?

zapytał annumiracle na 2019-05-11 12:22:58

grayman2000 Yes, you can, but... But it is very approximate and calculated from your height entered in the application. No real distance metering built in.

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Q: На данный планшет продаётся чехол?

zapytał korolec77 na 2019-11-16 05:57:47

grayman2000 На алике есть чехол с клавиатурой, аналогичный тому, что идет в комплекте, отдельных пока не нашел. Но модель очень свежая, поэтому на нее ничего еще нет. Со временем 100% появятся. Вообще, игрушка с... Zobacz więcej

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Q: Hi Dear. Does this product have an electronic compass?

zapytał naruto7g na 2019-11-13 18:25:04

grayman2000 No. It does not have compass. Also it doesn't have vibration motor and some other sensors. It have good nav system - GPS+GLONASS+BEIDOU but it does not have compass sensor

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grayman2000 Ordered tablet on 11.11, the order was sent on November 14, today, November 28, I using and testing it. Also, at October of 2017 I ordered here the amazing Lenovo P2 smartphone. It still works and th... Zobacz więcej

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Q: What is the thickness of the tiles?

zapytał tessapickering na 2019-08-25 05:05:11

grayman2000 About0.6mm

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Q: is this okey for iPhone XS Max?

zapytał Avinash Vijayan Kappad na 2019-08-08 16:56:48

grayman2000 Itdepends on your phone size and the camera's location. Maximum expansion of phone holding frame is about 7cm. 3S$$s4c

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Q: can it be used for diving?

zapytał Christoffer30 na 2019-08-09 03:31:42

grayman2000 No!They aren't watertight.

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