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  • 06/06/2015

    i bought this hidden clock camera i use it and it works great. the pic and video quality is pretty good. only flaw about this cam is the night vision u have to be close maybe 6-10 inches away from cam to see at night farther than that u cant really see but still a good cam for the price and that u can see anywhere in the world . i bought a total of 6 already for my families and myself and looking forward to buy some more in the future.

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  • 21/01/2016

    1. The video is not 1080P. The maximum resolution of recorded video is 1280x720, not 1920x1080! 2. When connected to the charger, it becomes quite hot. (about 45 degrees Centigrade)

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  • 22/07/2015

    Product DOES NOT record in full 1080p max resolution is 720p no matter what is says in software. Quality of that 720p compared with my 720p and 20$ camera is worse. Sound recording is terrible and it records few segments with lot of noise if you are 1m from it - so not usable. There is not 2 way sound as said there is. Software is buggy. Sometimes motion detection is not working. Sometimes camera just stops recording and you need to restart it to start working ok.

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  • 21/05/2016

    Me llego hace unos dias y no es para nada lo que esperaba. La bateria life dura apenas 48h por lo tanto debe estar siempre enchufado y coje temperatura la pila. El indicador de temperatura marca lo q quiere casi siempre por encima de 40°C ... Cuando graba salta un led azul en el frontal que se refleja en la camara y en los videos se vé el destello del led aparte de q si se pone a parpadear y se vé te hace sospechar de un despertador. En fin una mala compra fue un capricho por probar y ni una mas

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  • 24/06/2015

    for this kind of price I expected for a high quality product . the camera does not holds up more then 3 min without power . and now the customer service says that they are out of stock for this battery I don't recommend to buy this product

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  • 19/01/2017

    I got this camera about a week now and have not been able to link it up with either 2 APP's that it say to load and be able to review your recordings. I have been back and forth with Mr. Phoebe and I can not explain to him that I can not even link the camera, it keeps saying an INVALID I.D. so the very first step can not load for APP usage. Very high cost for a non-working camera and then having trouble getting a full refund and sending back this defective camera. Also I notice the temperature does not change always say 25Centigrade and can not change to Fahrenheit.

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  • 18/02/2016

    The CD with the instructions is no working. Can`t connect with the camera by WIfi it says "device offline". So..till now, I can`t use it since I don`t know how.

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  • karakas

    Camera is worse than VGA . IR light is not working at all . there is no remote only from phone . voice is impossible to hear . I thought it will be good quailty witht this price but very dissapointed .

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