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  • 21/12/2015

    This is a very well designed board. The tracks protecting the high voltage are wide and properly milled. The GPIO0 is on a button and the serial pins are run to the edge ready for a header. The layout is one of the best I have seen for ages in a 220V product, seeming to choose safety over size. Mine is already running micropython and I also tested LUA. I can see a use for 100s of these.

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  • 26/04/2017

    the circuit inside looks ok, the traces from and to the relay are thick not tested yet full 10A for the price you get a pretty decent wifi controlled relay i advise flashing the esp8266 with your own custom firmware so you can control it without the coolkit apk especially android users, coolkit apk contains malware that is capturing account passwords and sends them to their servers, also sniffs out personal information in your phone and network be very careful using the application supplied by the manufacturer !

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