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  • 25/01/2016

    This Bluetooth module is manufactured by wavesen in China. You can download a copy of their Chinese or English documentation here: http://www.wavesen.com/download.asp The latest JY-MCU V1.02pro (HC-06) version of firmware is LinvorV1.8, which can be configured into either Master or Slave mode. (Older version can't!) AT+VERSION LinvorV1.8 Read the Chinese version of HC-06 documentation, which is different from most of the English versions online. The commands have a slightly different syntax: AT+ROLE=M (for master mode) AT+ROLE=S (for slave mode) The Master and Slave must use the same PIN number. The default is 1234. If you change the PIN numbers, you must discharge the radios for 30 seconds for the new PIN number to take effect. Configure correctly; this radio works perfectly! The Master will pair with the first Slave with the same PIN number. Once paired, the Master remembers the Slave and will pair automatically. HC-06 is simpler to use and configure than HC-05.

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  • 15/08/2017

    I used this to connect to an Arduino Micro board. Works perfectly! Note you may need to switch the BAUD rate there are tutorials online and in the end, I used the Arduino IDE software to update the board. Also, just-in-case when connecting to your phone or computer it will ask for a PIN the default PIN is 1234 unless you change it via the Arduino IDE software. For the Arduino novice, when connecting to your Arduino board the TX from the Arduino connects to the RX of the Bluetooth board and the RX from the Arduino connects to the TX of the bluetooth

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  • 02/12/2019

    Uff, uff, uff. It took me a very good time to get a proper program in my PC to configure and learn AT commands language. Read different sources over Internet to guess your command sintaxis. Used to send my Taranis telemetry over my Android.

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  • 27/08/2013

    I received this module this afternoon and had it fully running in less than an hour. I did not have any previous experience with these types of modules. Not too difficult to set up the bluetooth parameters for this device (i.e. baud rate, device name, and pin code using AT-commands). Just make sure the device is not "paired" when you set up the bluetooth parameters. I will be purchasing another one of these in the future!

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  • 11/05/2020

    Dobrze otrzymany w odpowiednim czasie, nawet jeśli jest wyższy niż wskazany. Z drugiej strony wszystko działa poprawnie według moich pierwszych bardzo podstawowych testów. Wykrywanie: OK connections:OK Do reszty nie mam reszty zamówienia na resztę moich testów W każdym razie polecam produkt na chwilę obecną

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  • 23/04/2019

    - Recieved in good packing. Looks same as given in image. - Working fine with my arduino uno3. This worked like charm. Initially, I was little frustrated as I was able to connect it with Arduino and pair it with my Mobile but not able to send data. Later I realized that I was making mistake because of incorrect baud rate settings in my code. It works best with baud rate of 9600.

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  • 27/06/2016

    No problem with Arduino an Androidsmart phone. Used SoftwareSerial.h - Arduino library with Arduino port 10 (to TXD) and 11 (to RXD) and the free "Blue Control" App on Android.

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  • 19/11/2020

    Przybył z 13 dniami pracy tutaj w Brazylii, produkt najwyższej klasy

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  • 21/08/2019

    very good https://youtu.be/KhqfjfjwLbc

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  • 10/11/2017

    Me gustan sus acabados. Busqué otros por ebay y se iban por encima de los 4 euros por lo que me parecen unos módulos muy baratos y que tienen mucha fiabilidad. La marca Geekcreit además tiene muy buenas referencias y yo he comprado más componentes de esta marca y no suelen dar problemas. Recomiendo su compra, no los vais a encontrar más baratos.

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