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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 26/01/2017

    Excelentes luces, muy buena presentación y acabados, bonito empaque. Luz blanca bellísima, excelentes prestaciones para la ciudad, no produce destello para los conductores que se aproximan de frente, nivelación y alineación muy similar a las luces halógenas convencionales. Las luces altas son poco notorias, falta un poco para llevarlas a carretera.

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  • 05/10/2017

    odlican kvalitet za cenu.... koliko su dugotrajne sijalice vreme ce pokazati,za sada sam prezadovoljan...hvala

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  • 11/10/2017

    The lights came, just installed them. Working fine and looks Super bright compared to old H4 bulbs! My only worry is now that mr. police says they are too bright! :)

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  • 17/03/2017

    A pair of H11's for my '17 Focus ST and H7's for my '08 GTI. They are definitely brighter by a lot. The temperature of the light is exactly 6500k, just enough blue to look cool. Build quality is satisfactory, how ever, one of the H11's fan housing was a little loose and came off while twisting in the bulb. It popped it back on though with no problem. Fitment was as good as any bulb I've ever used but clearance behind the bulb is tight, and the H7's were easier to install with the lamp off the car because the bulb retainer clip will have to be completely removed to install the bulb because of its larger diameter. This is to be expected with any LED conversion. Measure and compare the clearance first. They need no warm up in the GTI and come on right away, with the Focus they take 2-3 seconds but I believe it has to do with the vehicles lighting module, not the bulbs. The only thing to gripe about, the power plugs on the H7's can go either way, easy to reverse polarity. A + and - symbol would be a big help for installation.

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  • 02/05/2017

    I am very pleased with my purchase. The bulbs are great! Very bright compared to ordinary incandescent bulbs and even compared to the Philips Xtreme Vision. I've been using them now for over two months. Hopefully their reliability is just as remarkable as their brightness. I already recommended them to friends.

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  • 20/01/2018

    very easy to install just take a minute to install to my seat ibiza. very good brightness.time now will show their quality . I also uploaded some pictures. in one photo I have the old headlight and on the other the new led headlight.

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  • 10/12/2017

    Ίσως η καλύτερες λάμπες στη τιμή τους. 8000lm δεν είναι, είναι όμως 7000 μετρημένες. Ανθεκτικές, καθαρό φως, εύκολη σύνδεση και σε ωραία συσκευασία.

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  • 19/06/2019

    🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 ürün sağlam bir şekilde ulaştı daha önce aliden almıştım 2 yıl kadar kullandım bangood da şuan vergi ödeme sistemi olduğu için bu seferde burdan aldım montajı kolay eli biraz işe yatkın olan herkes takabiir👍👍👍 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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  • 22/06/2019

    lâmpada boa demais , clareia muito

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  • 02/10/2018

    As I booked it expecting the light effect will be like projector lights but thats not the case .. As I paid Rs 1100 /- I got white clear vision but not as much as projection as high end car with projector lenses. Projction of light is mainly depends upon lens of Headlight. cars with halogen bulbs are calibered to only for halogen bulbs not give much expected effects for LED. This package with 36 wattsx2will give same light of 55 w halogen bulbs using less electricity.

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