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  • June-19 2020 07:28:42

    Nice product for diy projects

  • February-18 2018 12:17:38

    Asking for 6A with electronic load, works fine (the drop voltage (11.7 instead of 12) is explained by the 1.5m , 0.75mm² cable i used to link the board and my device. In theory the cable adds 0.034Ohm resistance x12v ) 12.2 is what my multimeter say when i look directly at the "plug" with probe I did not made a long term run at 6a to monitor t° increase. I noticed that the 2 capacitor on the 12v side are very close to the heat sink...

  • November-06 2016 13:20:04

    High-quality assembly Pretty high-quality components with a margin. Compliance with the stated parameters. Excellent accuracy of the output voltage stabilization I do not see the need for improvement. Low price. To be honest, I liked this PSU beginning from photo in the shop, and already had confidence that I will get in result, but one thing to see, and the other - try. BP left positive emotions, perfect for both embedded in some of the homemade device.

  • September-13 2016 14:21:10

    Хороший блок питания 12В 6А. Работает стабильно, охлаждение достаточное. Из минус только что писк при работе.

  • November-13 2019 04:41:20

    Good power supply. I used it to make an home made power supply for my Toolkitrc M6 and an usb out put for my usb soldering iron.. Everything aio ! Perfect!!!

  • March-29 2016 08:04:40

    Отличный БП на 12 вольт. Лучше просто не найти. Жаль плата широкая, корпус тяжело подобрать.

  • January-09 2019 16:04:24

    It really comes to supply 8 Amps with a voltage close to 12 volts. I have used it for an uninterrupted power supply system, to avoid the discharge of lead-acid batteries, forming part of a ham radio installation for emergencies. The only drawback is the amount of interference that can cause in radiocommunications receivers equipment. This is inevitable in the switching power supply since they work with a square wave between 40 and 50 Khz, so they fill the radioelectric space with interference.

  • May-20 2016 10:13:37

    Пожалуй лучший блок питания за свои деньги. Без корпуса, зато правильная схемотехника и честные амперы на выходе с приемлемыми пульсациями. Купив пару коробок (котов в мешке) часто оказывается, что внутри совсем простая схема быстро выходящая из строя при "номинальной" нагрузке,

  • July-22 2019 12:00:47

    Fonte de alimentação muito útil, já testei e funciona na perfeição tem um led que acede quando está ligado. Gostei muito.

  • April-25 2018 16:13:07

    1. Banana Pi M2 Berry BPI-M2 Berry Quad Core cortex A7 CPU 1G DDR demo Single Board; 2. RUIDENG 9V-35V To 5V 5A 25W DC-DC Buck Synchronous Rectification Step Down Power Supply Converter Module; 3. HDD 1.0 TB; 4.2017-08-25-raspbian-stretch,OpenMediaVault 4.x, PLEX server;


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