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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 22/05/2019

    These are great fun, run on 1 single 18650 battery, built in amplifier is pretty loud with a cheap minispeaker, soundquality is average, not outstanding but will do fine for soundeffects in models and custom propbuilding. I used them for a rocketlaunch effectbox that performs a countdown and fires a smokemachine at the same time. The great thing of this unit is that it will automatically play the first mp3 on the usb stick whenever it gets power, you do not have to push anything to make it work. It does not like large size usb sticks with lots of folders with tracks or a big root with 1000+ songs, it sometimes goes into a kind of intro-20sec-skip mode I can't explain but doesn't occur when used with a dedicated, smallsize stick with only the required track on it. From the moment of Power-On to the first sound takes 3-4 seconds with a 32GB stick and less then 1 second when using a 4 gb one with only one track. It struggles with big data. SD card was not tested. Overall a great solution for model and propmakers, not great for diy mp3 musicplayers, I would definitely go with something a bit more sophisticated and a display for that. This tiny unit is the cheapest and best solution for anyone who needs a simple soundplayer.

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  • 11/01/2018

    Jetzt nur noch ein Gehäuse konstruieren und die Teile zusammenlöten und -schrauben.

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