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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 08/08/2015

    This light is brilliant,it looks better when you receive it than it does on the images. Great value for money wonderful shiny chrome,I would definitely recommend buying from here if you are thinking about it. These would cost maybe 3-4 times more money if bought in the UK, the free postage saves you money and the speed at which these are sent out and delivered is sometimes faster than other parcels sent within the UK. If you buy these,the time as which you have to wait to have them delivered is worth the wait,you won't be dissapointed, put your trust in Banggood and you won't ever want to shop anywhere else again and their customer care team are one of the best,any problems and you get a fast response,no waiting around for weeks on end, fast reply's.

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  • 22/08/2019

    Made by Plastic. But Looks like a metal body. Lighting is no up to the mark. It's my first order. Thanks Banggood.

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  • 08/08/2015

    Highly recommend buying from here, the prices are low postage is free and top quality items.

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  • 26/10/2021

    Super dla mojego CHOOPER-a

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  • 10/12/2019

    Luce forte e doppia, una centrale e una in corona al faro. Il materiale è di plastica cromata ma visto il prezzo direi che ci sta alla grande. Nel complesso un buon acquisto.

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  • 10/11/2019

    Nice looking head light. Although it is plastic, I feel it will do almost as well as the original but it might be a bit less bright and may have to be used as an auxiliary, rather than a main driving light - I will find that out when it is mounted and connected up. I am unsure as to the amount of lumens it produces. At least being plastic it won't develop rust like the original, and the entire cost at around $NZ16 is far less than replacing the broken original with a genuine factory part.

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  • 05/04/2023

    Jestem tak zadowolony z dodatkowych świateł z lekkimi deodami i czapką. Naprawdę wyglądał dobrze na moim rowerze.Gdybym kupił taki, kosztowałby podwójnie.

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  • 11/06/2022

    Dobry produkt

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  • 10/11/2021

    Dobra, ale słabsza moc świetlna

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  • 03/02/2021

    Jeszcze tego nie otrzymałem

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