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donaldsneffe 12/01/2022
This ESC comes with a lot of accossories. Good quality 22 AWG silicone wires, a nice F/F JST ZH 1.5 mm wire of very good quality, JST Red battery plugs with good wire (F + m) and 4 coloured JST PH (2 mm) 3-Pin male plugs for connection of for example Furitek Komodo motor (it comes with this type of plug). But it does not come with a JST ZH - JR/Futaba connection, so you cannot plug the ESC to a normal receiver, you will have to get or make such a connection. Unfortunately the ESC does not come with a manual, what is crazy. The only "manual" is what is written on the website here. There is no description how to program the ESC, and there is no link to or source of a program card. After connecting the ESC everything worked fine, it was in forward/brake/reverse mode. Calibrating throttle to my Flysky Noble also worked fine. But then I tried to get into program mode (press button long whil powering), what worked. But did not know how to program the different settings, because there is no manual. Pressend the button several times, suddenly the motor started to run. Did not stop. Plugged off the battery. Then plugged it on again, nothing - dead. Tried different battery, checked wires, ... everything fine, no smell, no shortcut, nothing... but the ESC is dead and does not work anymore. What a pain.
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  • Chags91 The manual is the dasmikro website!!!

    Odpowiadać 18/01/2022
  • donaldsneffe @Chags91 Where?Did not finde more information than here. How to program it by the program button? Cannot find a single word.

    Odpowiadać 26/01/2022
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