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Needlez These are all very good questions and I honestly don't know. I've had purchased this for well over a year and have yet to use it. It's been that long that I attempted to really get into fpv and I've... Zobacz więcej

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David_Perez si.captura el audio emitido. en mi caso, mi dron, no emite sonido. normalmente no se envía el sonido en estas señales inalambricas, esta más enfocado a transmitir el video a la mayor velocidad posibl... Zobacz więcej

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tamrabam yes i think so as long as its i-bus or s-bus you will have to set up in betaflite check out joushua barbwells you tube on how to

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Q: Fan size?

zapytał CharliePoodle na 2020-12-27 13:45:06

Obliv i think fatshark use a 25x25mm fan.

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leosilva245 I dont know... only use with f3 board,they have support

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Q: It is like a image in the description or its like images of the buyers?

zapytał CharliePoodle na 2021-03-03 10:37:31

Lennson itlooks like on the pics, no surprise

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